Bob - Nothin On You tab

B.O.B Feat. Bruno Mars - Nothin on You

One of the other posts was close, but I think I have the song a step further.

Standard Tuning, then put a capo on the third fret.

there are only four chords throughout the entire song:

(To make things easier, I am calling them by their basic chord)

C Em Bm D--3-------3-------2----2--------------------------|--3-------3-------3----3--------------------------|--0-------0-------4----2--------------------------|--2-------2-------4----0--------------------------|--3-------2-------2----0--------------------------|--0-------0-------0----0--------------------------|
For the C and E minor chords, you can jazz it up with what the piano/synth is playing by this (not as easy as playing straight chords). These are 8th notes C Em
--3--3----3---3----3----3-------------3--3---3--3---3--3-------------|--3--0----3---0----3----0-------------3--0---3--0---3--0-------------|--0--0----0---0----0----0---2--0------0--0---0--0---0--0----2--0-----| Then Bm and D--0--0----0---0----0----0-------------2--2---2--2---2--2-------------|--2--2----2---2----2----2-------------2--2---2--2---2--2-------------|--3--3----3---3----3----3-------------0--0---0--0---0--0-------------|
You can have a lead guitar do that piano part if you aren't comfortable
StringB --3--0--3--0--3--0--------------|G ------------------------2--0----| Repeat again and then you can do something for the Bm and D chords, although this part is entirely subjective.They arent part of the song, but they make it more fun if you are playing it!
Bm DStringe -2----2-----2----2---3---5-----5-----5------5-|B ---3-----3----3--------------3-----3-----3----|
Hold that last note on the e string until the phrase starts over, or add a little lick to pass the time! That is essentially the whole song. Listen to the song for where the chords fit, it is self-explanatory.
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