Bobby Conn – Free Love tab

Artist: Bobby Conn
Song: Free Love
Tabbed by: Andy Craze

This is my first tab so bear with me please

Intro Riff: Chimes or Organ [transcribed for guitar]E----------------------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------------------------|G-----2-----------2-------------2--------------------------------|D----------5-5-------5--3--5-----------5-5---2-3-2---------------|A---3---3------3--------------3---3---------------5--------------|E----------------------------------------------------3-----------|
Verse: F G You're all just worthless chatter Em Am Mindless Boring Catter F Bb G You're all just waiting for a sign F G You're Chin Scratchers and Head Nodders Em Am You're walking with a Bible F Bb G You'll never get here from Outside! Chorus: F C Oh come on now and touch each other! F Bm Come on now and taste another! Bb F G Where have the dirty people gone? repeat intro repeat verse repeat chorus then go into the bridge
Bridge:riff aE---------5-----------------|B---------5-----------------|G---------7-----------------|D---------7-----------------|A-----2-3-5-----------------|E----3----5-----------------|
(riff a) The Flesh is willing the body is weak (riff a) The Circle gives us the please we seek. repeat 2x riff b (strummed in a disco style)
(riff b) Oh Free Love! (riff b) Free Love (riff b) strummed with intensity Free Love!!! [Jazz jam session] Repeat Chorus and end
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