Bobby Darin - Queen Of The Hop tab

Queen of the Hop:Bobby Darin
Lyrics and music by Woody Harris & Walden Tweed.
Topped the charts at #9 in '59.

  D                                           D7
1.Well you can talk about your Julie and your Peggy Sue,

D                                     D7
You can keep your Miss Molly and your Mary-Lou,

D7      G       
When it comes to the Chicken or doin' the Bop,

G     A                          A7           A
Well, I got a girl they call the Queen of the Hop.

         A7    D
CHORUS:  Oh, I love my queen,

D                      D7
Do you know who I mean?

D7    G
Sweet little sixteen,

G   D
Yes that's my queen.

   D                                  D7
2. Well, she wears short shorts and-a rock n' roll shoes,

D                                 D7
You ought to see her dance to the Yellow Dog Blues,

D7       G
She's my sugar-time baby, she's my lollipop.

G   A                        A7           A
And everybody knows she's the Queen of the Hop.


  D                                  D7
3.Oh, yeah, she tunes into Bandstand every day,

D7 D                             D7
To watch the kids dancin' 'cross the USA,

D7        G
She don't care about a thing 'cept Rock n' Roll,

G  A                              A7       A 
My baby drives 'em crazy when she does the Stroll.



A fifties favourite from Kraziekhat!
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