Bobby Doran – I Dreamed I Had A Gun Live tab

Standard Tuning (capo 2nd fret)
This song is looped are the basic layers

LAYERS 1-3 percussion layers

LAYER 4 background lead C# A/C#mE---------------------------------------------------------------|B-5-4---5-4---5-4---5-4---5-4-----5-4---5-4---5-4---5-4---4-5-7-|G-----6-----6-----6-----6-----6-------7-----7-----7-----7-------|D---------------------------------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------------------------|
E B7E-------------------------------------------------------------|B-9-7---9-7---9-7---9-7---9-7-----5-4---5-4---5-4---5-4---5/7-|G-----9-----9-----9-----9-----9-------7-----7-----7-----7-----|D-------------------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------|
Layer 5 (bass notes)
Layer 6 Chords (looped or just played lightly) C#m A/C#m E B7E-0------0------0--------|B-5------5------5--------|G-6------6------4------8-|D-6------6------6------7-|A-4------0------7------x-|E--------5------0------7-|
LYRICS If I could buy a gun I'm gonna start a war Gonna pull the trigger, watch them fall If I could have a knife I'm bound to take a life Bound to take this out on anyone If I could dig a hole Then I would climb inside Wait until the rain would wash me out If I could have the wheel The pedal to the floor Send the tires screaming off the road we fall CHORUS: Da da da Take me away from all this pain inside, Inside If I could have a lighter I'd like to start a fire Dancing as the mountains crumble down So give me a grenade I'll blow it all away Promise that you won't feel a thing at all CHORUS: Da da da Take me away from all this pain inside Picking up the gun, staring up the war No one's gonna laugh at me no more BRIDGE You can't run, you can't hide, you won't catch me No, you won't catch me alive Look, it's me laughing now Tell me who will be laughing while you cry out CHORUS: Not a thing in the world that matters...
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