Bobby Goldsboro - Summer The First Time chords version 2

SUMMER (THE FIRST TIME)	-	Bobby Goldsboro

IntroA|---2-0-4-2-7-6-|E|-2-------------| A/F# - E - B7 - A/F# - E - B7
A/F# It was a hot afternoon,
E the last day of June,
B7 and the sun was a demon.
A/F# The clouds were afraid,
E one ten in the shade,
B7 and the pavement was steamin'
A/F# I told Billy Ray
E in his red Chevro- let,
B7 I needed time for some thinkin'.
A/F# I was just walking by
E when I looked in her eye,
B7 and I swore it was winkin'.
D Bm She was thirty-one, and I was seventeen,
C#m F#m I knew nothing about love, she knew everything.
D Bm But I sat down beside her on that front porch swing,
C#7 F#m and wondered what the coming night would bring.
B - F#madd11=2x
A/F# The sun closed her eyes
E as it climbed in the skies,
B7 and it started to swelter.
A/F# The sweat trickled down
E the front of her gown,
B7 I thought it would melt her.
A/F# She threw back her hair
E like I wasn't there,
B7 she sipped on a Julep.
A/F# Her shoulders were bare,
E and I tried not to stare,
B7 when I looked at her two lips.
D Bm And when she looked at me, I heard her softly say,
C#m7 F#m 'I know you're young, you don't know what to do or say.
D Bm But stay with me until the sun has gone away,
C#7 F#m and I will chase the boy in you a- way.
B - F#madd11=2x
F#m/D D/B And then she smiled, then we talked for a while,
C#m7 F# and we walked for a mile to the sea.
F#m/D D/B We sat on the sand, and the boy took her hand,
C#m7 F# but he saw the sun rise as a man.
F#m/D - C#m7 - C#m7 - F# 2x B - F#madd11=2x
A/F# Ten years have gone by
E since I looked in her eyes,
B7 but the memory lingers.
A/F# I go back in my mind
E to the very first time,
B7 feel the touch of her fingers.
A/F# It was a hot afternoon,
E the last day of June,
B7 and the sun was a demon...
A/F# x9119109 E x79997 B7 797877 C#m x46454
C#7 x46464F#madd11 224222
F#m/D x57675 C#m7 x46454 D/B x2x232
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