Bobby Mcferrin - Dont Worry Be Happy chords version 1

Refrain: C Dm F C

C1:Here is a little song I wrote
Dm you might want to sing it note for note
F C F C F Donīt worry be happy
CIn every life we have some trouble
Dmwhen you worry you make it double
F C Dont worry be happy
C2:Aint got no place to lay your head,
Dmsomebody came and took your bed
F C F C FDont worry be happy
CThe landlord say yor rent is late
DmHe may have to litigate
F CDont worry be happy
CRef.:(Spoken:Look at me Im happy) Uh,...,(dont worry,uh,...(be happy)
Here, I give you my phone number.When you worry,call me,I make you happy)Uh...
C3:Aint got no cash,ainīt got no stle.
DmAint got no gail to make you smile.
F C F C F Dont worry be happy
CCause when you worry your face will frown
Dm and that will bring evrybody down.
C F F C F Dont worry be happy.
C Ref.:Uh,...(dont worry),uh,...(be happy),uh...
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