Bobby Vinton – There Ive Said It Again tab

There I've Said It Again:Bobby Vinton
#1 in USA & #34 in UK in '63.

  Bb                Fm7        Bb9
I love you, there's nothing to hide,
     Eb     Bb   Edim
It's better than burning inside,
  Cm7  F7      Fm     G+
I love you, no use to pretend,
G9                  Cm7  F9
There! I've said it again.

F9   Bb            Fm7        Bb9
I've said it, what more can I say,
Bb+     Eb  Bb      Edim
Believe me, there's no other way,
  Cm7  F7     Fm          G+  G7 
I love you, I will to the end,
C9          Cm9  Adim    Bb  Ebm Edim Bb
There! I've said it   a..gain.

Fm7      Bb9
I try to drum up,
  Fm7               Ddim
A phrase that would sum up,
    Eb     Fm9  Bb+ Eb
All that I feel for you.
    Gm7           C9
But what good are phrases,
    Gm7          Edim
The thought that amazes,
   Cm7      F9
Is you love me,
And it's heavenly.

   Bb          Fm7         Bb9
Forgive me for wanting you so,
Bb+ Eb        Bb Edim
But one thing I  want you to know,
     Cm7   F7        Fm
I've loved you since heaven knows when,
C9            Cm7         Adim   Bb  Cm7 F Bb 
There! I'



A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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