Bobby Vinton - My Heart Belongs To Only You chords

My Heart Belongs to Only You:Bobby Vinton.
#9 in 1964.


G BmMy heart belongs to only you,
C GI've never loved as I love you.
Am D G EmYou've set a flame within me burning,
A D D7A flame to stay within me yearning.
G BmIt's just for you I want to live,
C GIt's just to you my heart I give.
Am D G EmI'll always be your slave, my darling,
A D G G7Through the coming years.
C D G G7 There were some times when I was doubtful
Am D G G7of this new love affair.
B7 EmBut now my mind is no more doubtful,
A D D7I've found my heaven with the help of a prayer.
G BmYou are the song within my soul,
C GA melody that can't grow old.
Am DI've known for long..
G Em A D7 GMy heart belongs to you.
G# CmYou are the song within my soul,
C# G#A melody that can't grow old.
A#m7 EbI've known for long..
G# Fm A# Eb7 G#My heart belongs to you.
A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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