Bobby Vinton – Sealed With A Kiss chords

Sealed With A Kiss:Bobby Vinton.
#2 Adult Contemporary and #19 Hot 100 in 1972.

INTRO:(Bongos:) Fm Bb Bbm Fm (x2)

Fm Bb Bbm FmThough we gotta say goodbye for the summer..
Bbm Eb Ab F Bbmbaby, I promise you this..I'll send you all my love,
Eb C Fm Bbm C Fmevery day in a letter.....sealed with a kiss.
Fm Bb FmYes, it's gonna be a cold, lonely summer..
Bbm Eb Abbut, I'll fill the emptiness..
F Bbm Eb C Fm BbmI'll send you all my dreams....every day in a letter..
C Fmsealed with a kiss.
Bb Fm BbI'll see you in the sunlight, I'll hear your voice
Bb Fm G7I'll run to tenderly hold you..but baby, you won't
Cbe there.
C Bb FmI don't wanna say goodbye, for the summer..
Bbm Eb Abknowing the love we'll miss.
F Bbm Eb C FmSo, let us make a meet in Septem..ber..
Bbm C Fmand seal it with a kiss.
(INTERLUDE:) Fm Bb Fm..Bbm Eb Ab..F Bbm Eb C Fm..Bbm C Fm #4.
Fm F#m B F#mYes, it's gonna be a cold, lonely summer..
Bm E Abut, I'll fill the emptiness..
F# Bm E C# F#m BmI'll send you all my love....every day in a letter..
C# F#msealed with a kiss.
C# F#msealed with a kiss..(x3)(Fade.)
A sixties/seventies smash from Kraziekhat.
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