Bodeans - Waste A Lifetime tab

From the 2008 release "Still" by BoDeans

Waste A Lifetime

F#m--------------D------------ -------A-------E
Can you feel the wonder that's here tonight

Can you feel the heartbeats

that make up your life

F#m-------------D---------- -------A----E
Summer days are slow and daydreams fly

E------------F#m-------------- --E------A-Asus4-A
Counting the years of a lifetime racing by

Lets not waste a moment wanting something

that's better than what's right here

This could be the only moment we got

Let's not waste a lifetime waiting

E---------D-------E--------D-- ---E
Let's not waste a lifetime waiting, let's not

hey yeah...

Same chords repeat for remaining verse, pre-chorus and choruses. Song ends on D chord...
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