Bodies Of Water - I Heard It Sound chords

Bodies of Water
Ears Will Pop Eyes Will Blink
I Heard It Sound

Standard Tuning

Am C Dm F I heard it sound from the valleys low
Am C Dm FI heard it from mountaintops covered in snow
Am C Dm FI heard it rise from the oceans deep
Am C Dm FI heard it echo off canyon walls steep
Am What'd you hear?
C FA beautiful sound
Am How'd it sound?
C FIt sounded like this
(Beautiful sound) C Am Dm G
Am CAs it echoed in my ears
Dm FMy face glistened damp with the sheen of my tears
Am CAs I drew near to your side
Dm FI knew it was useless to flee or to hide
Am C Dm FThere is a sound ringing out day and night
Am C Dm FIt fills up each shadow on earth with its light
Am C Dm FI felt the sound fill my innards and limbs
Am C Dm FI felt it watching me think from within
AmWhat'd it see?
C FDesire split in thirds
AmHow'd it feel?
C FThe strain was immense
C Am These are the times that test all our bonds
Dm GOur mutual will is all twisted and stretched
C AmBut still the sound, the notes and the chords
Dm GReside in our chests where they've been deeply etched
Am CMy soul and spirit are apart
Dm FMy bones and my marrow, divided as well
Am CAnd what the eye that sees me sees
Dm FAre pieces of body and fractions of self
Am C FAh-Ah-Ahs
Am C FWhat'd you hear?
Am C FHow'd it sound?
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