Bomb The Music Industry – Unlimited Breadsticks Soup And Salad Days tab

Left handed
G                                  C             G
I bought a couch and a grill and a table with chairs
C                                                     G
paid for gas, like, the whole way down here, 
C              G             C            G   
electric n' cable, a shelf n' end table
Am                                                D
almost a hundred bucks worth of veggie burgers and buns. 
G                            C                 G
I bought a case of beer and the charcoal to light
              C                                         G
and said "we should do this every single night
        C                       G                  C                G
don't worry about the cash because I've got the scratch 
Am                                                     D        
and I can't save my money because that's impolite.

C                                          G                      
I don't know why I always complain about something 
C                                G
when what I got to complain about's nothing. 
C                                   G
No goddamn kid's had a luckier year
Am                                              D
and I'm bitching about internet and beer.
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