Bomb The Music Industry - Slumlord chords

FM amMold and mice
BbM FMand stolen bikes
dm FM CMand a van everybody wants to break into.
(Same chords) Dirty halls and holey walls. And a door I'm afraid I can't buzz you in through.
BbM But I'll be away.
FM amI'm gonna be away tomorrow.
(Same) I swear I'm gonna find a place.
(CM)I'm gonna do this right and find a better place.
VERSE 2: Same chords The super stares 'cause we're on the roof and drinking beers. I don't care, take a photograph if you want to. I ain't giving you shit, I ain't paying my rent Til I got hot water and my toilet's fixed. I don't care. Try to kick me out if you want to. 'Cause I'll be away tomorrow. I swear I'm gonna find a place. I'm gonna do this right and find a place CHORUS:
BbM CM dm CMand I will tell my slumlord to get
FMOut of my face.
am BbM CMI get the world, you get nothing.
FM amI'm done giving a shit. I'm not paying my rent.
BbM CM dmAnd I will tell my Slumlord to get out of my face
dm CM BbMI'll get the world and you'll get nothing
BbM FM amHe ain't getting a thing from you and me,
BbM FMwe deserve to be happy.
dmFuck this lease.
FM CMWe're living in a dead city.
That's about it. You should be able to figure out the rest.
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