Bomb The Music Industry – The Shit That You Hate chords

Song: The Shit that you Hate
Artist: Bomb The Music Industry!
Album: Vacation (2011)
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Fm Am Fm BbMy telephone's been abuzz all morning
Dm Bb Dm Bband I don't know who is trying to get through.
Fm Am Dm BbI did some shit that I should have done smarter,
Dm Bb Dm Bb but they get away with everything
Dm Bb so I thought I could get away too.
Fm Am Fm BbDown in the gulf there's a black sea-monster
Dm Bb Dm Bband my crime ain't huge, a world-tattered cube
Fm Am Dm Bbthat I didn't affix with a shiny new sticker.
Dm Bb Dm BbGo swallow the summer and choke on the fumes because
Dm Bbthey get away with everything that they do.
F G Am BbmSo hold onto your home. It's shaky, I know, but if you flee trash will follow.
Bb Em Fthe winds that you left in your wake and you'll fall down again.
Fm Am Fm BbOh, the office called. You're in deep deep trouble.
Dm Bb Dm BbThe shit you're afraid of has made you hateful
Fm Am Dm Bband you're letting on, tired eyes, all spiteful.
Dm Bb Dm BbAnd nobody cares. We all got sorrows,
F G Am Bbmso hold onto your home and onto your hope. Sorrow don't answer problems.
F Am Dm BbNobody cares. We're all in trouble.
Dm G C The shit that you hate don't make you special.
F Am Dm BbThe shit that you hate don't make you special.
Dm G CThe shit that you hate don't make you special. (repeat)
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