Bomb The Music Industry – Everybody That You Love tab

This song is really easy to play, theres a few different progressions but all the same 6 
or 7 chords.

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The song starts of with C and G.

Then the chorus goes like this:

  C  E  Am E  Dm F   C

Verse part 1: Cmaj7
Do that a couple times then end on G. Repeat the intro Verse part 2: C Am Em Cmaj7
Play part 1 again (end on C instead of Cmaj7) then: C Em Am Em Dm F C
Play verse part 1 again, and the 2 chords after that are Cmaj7 and F (F is played on the low part of the neck) And then (don't worry its almost over): C Am E --> after the first progression play Em, then E after that, ect.
Play that a few times, then Cmaj7 and F a few times, end on F.
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