Bombay Bicycle Club - How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep tab

This is one of the latest bombay songs, its not officially out anywhere yet, but its
used as the new twilight eclipse soundtrack and i heard it on youtube and loved it;

Im pretty sure this is nearly correct, it sounds good enough when you play along with
song anyway

listen to the song for timing

e|-------||-------------------------||B|--9-12-||-0-5-8--3---0-5-8-9-12---||G|-------||-------4-(0)-------------||D|-------||-------------------------||A|-------||-------------------------||E|-------||-------------------------|| repeat this part x 12
play the (0) quietly or palm mute it this part then comes in at 0.52 when the drums come in, but it has a queiter, synthy effect, it then comes back in with the guitar sound from the beginning at 1.29;
the first part then comes back in at 2.24 and repeats 7 times, after the seventh time, ends like this.
thats my first tab, hope you like it. 06/06/10
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