Bombay Bicycle Club – Dust On The Ground Acoustic tab


Tuning: Capo 3

This is an acoustic cover that Bombay Bicycle Club did for watchlistentell on 
I haven’t tabbed it exactly as it is in the video, but it’s how I play it.

C G Am Em e|-------------------------|------------------------| B|-------------0----0----0-|----1----0-----0----0---| G|-------------0----0----0-|----2----0-----0----0---| INTRO; D|-0h2p0-0-----0----0----0-|----2----2-----2----2---| A|----------------2--------|-0-----------2----------| E|-----------3--------3----|-------0----------0-----|
C G Am Eme|------------------------|------------------------|B|----1-----0-----0----0--|----1----0-----0----0---| This repeats through theG|----0-----0-----0----0--|----2----0-----0----0---| verses. Watch the videoD|----2-----0-----0----0--|----2----2-----2----2---| for the right timing.A|-3----------2-----------|-0-----------2----------|E|-------3----------3-----|-------0----------0-----|
C G It's that ancient love Am Em That you won't outgrow C G It's the fee you pay Am Em It's the debt you owe Is that subtle way That you throw me down I am inches above The dust on the ground Cmaj7 e|---5---7-------2h3p0---0------|
And always quiet B|----------3---------------3---| G G|------------------------------| Always quiet now D|------------------------------| Cmaj7 A|------------------------------| And always silent E|------------------------------|
G Always silent now A second guitar plays this while Cmaj7 the first plays the G chord. Now I don’t hide it G I don't hide it now It's that ancient love That just moves along And there's an itch so slight Even when you're gone Well I met you right But I kept your wrong And I must wait until I've found the ground that you are walking on And always quiet Always quiet now And always silent Always silent now Now I don't hide it I don't hide it now Now I don't hide it I don't hide it now
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