Bombay Bicycle Club – Rinse Me Down tab ver. 2

Band - Bombay Bicycle Club               Key: hammer      h
Song - Rinse Me Down                          Pull off    p
Album - Flaws

Standard Tuning EADGBe
With Capo on 2nd Fret

Hi guys wanted to get a proper tab for this for ages so decided to figure it out for 
and thought I would share it with you all.Feel free to add any comments or changes you 
should be made.
Hope you can figure it out its quite tricky to start with but wont take long til your 
it with your eyes shut:)Enjoy!

So,just 1 guitar,played by Jack.Jamie does play guitar 2 but as far as ive worked out so 
its basically just the same as guitar 1.
Also,ive tabbed it relative to the capo.

Introe -----2-------------2----------------|B ------3-3-----------3-3-------------|G -0h2----2p0-0-00h2----2p0-0-00------| x2D -0--0--0-------0--0--0------0-------|A -------------2-------------2--------|E ------------------------------------|
Versee -----0----0---------------------------------------|B ------33---33----3-----3--3------3-----3--3-------|G -----------------------0--0------0-----0--0-------|D ----0----0------0------0--0-----0------0--0-------|A -0h2----0----0h2--0h20-------0h2--0h20------------|E ----------------------3----3----------3----3------|
e -----------------------------------------------------|B --------3-3-3---3-----3-3--------3--3--3--3----------|G ------0-0-0-0---0-----0-0-2p0----0--0--0--0----------|D -0-24---0-0-0----------------420-4--4--4--4----------|A -------2---2-0h2-0h20-----------2----2-----2---------|E -33--3---------------3---3---------------------------|
And then you just go back to the Intro, its pretty confusing, some notes are very subtle played sometimes and not others but if you just learn it then you can sort of play it ear really. So there you go, a really Quality song from BBC And a great tune to add to your collection:)
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