Bombay Bicycle Club – Still tab

CAPO 1st Fret

I'm very lazy at writing tabs but this gives you the general gist and means you can work 
out your own cover if you please. It's what I use in my cover so you can check that out 
if you want to hear how I play it:

Dm	  C	   G       G
All throughout the morning though

    Dm      C
I'm begging no

-----0---1----3--------------------|-----1-- 3----5----0---1---3-------|-----2-------------0---2---4-------|-----------------------------------|-----0-----------------------------|-------------------3---------------|
Your lips they stay perfectly
still.......................... Repeat above but end last part with:
Still... still... Did he fill the empty spaces Was he everything I'm not? There's no force behind my mouth But in just three words He brings you down There's a movement Out the door I swear but no Your lips they stay perfectly still Stay... stay... stay...
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