Bombay Bicycle Club – Rinse Me Down chords

Left handed
Band - Bombay Bicycle Club
Song - Rinse Me Down
Album - Flaws

Standard Tuning with Capo on 2nd Fret

Couldn't find these chords anywhere so I decided to learn it by ear, Seem's good to me. 
Have a go and tell me what you think :) Hope ya like it!


D AChasing the night
G A GTo make it right
EMOh and you had it
G DCaught like a rabbit
D ATold you to wait
G A GBut it's too late
EMYou got your man
G DRinsing him down
(Break) D, A, G, EM, D
D ATurning your head
G A GTo mine instead
EMGave me the eyes
G DBurning like light
(Outro) D, A, G, EM, A, D Hope you liked it!! :)
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