Bombshell - My Ex-girlfriend tab

                "My Ex-Girlfriend"
              By: Tim Cameron (bassist)

(Intro)Guitar 1:

-2-2-0-0-3-3-5-5------3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3----------------------- (Repeat 2 times)------------------------------------------------------------
(Pre-Chorus)Guitar 1: ------------------- ------------------- -7-------12-11-9---
-x-(8x's)-x--x-x--- (Repeat 2 times)-5-------10-10-7----------------------
(Intro and Chorus)Guitar 2 and bass:
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Repeat 4 times)----------------------------------------5-(14x's)-0-(14x's)-2-(14x's)---------------------------------------3(14x's)-
(After Chorus) Whole Band:
Here's how to play the song!: 1.Intro w/ chorus for Bass and Guitar 2 2.Pre-Chorus w/ chorus for bass only! 3.After Chorus 4.Intro 5.Chorus 6.Solo 7.After Chorus And That is Tim's new song!
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