Bombshell - Not Another Love Song tab

                      Chris Stephens

   * Palm Mute

     The intro should be played with distortion

-*-Intro-*--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------55555-22222222-55555-555----------------- -55555-33333-00000000-33333-222----------------- (2x's)-33333-------********---------------------------------------------------------------------------
-*-Chorus-*- Play the chorus clean with flanger (sounds good)
Solo: Solo is pretty easy Guitar 1- Play with distortion
continue to play the last fret number over again like the first one but just change the last number to 3-2 Gutiar 2- play clean with flanger again, also play Chorus for the guitar 2 part of the solo Here's how to play: Intro Chorus Intro Chorus Solo Chorus the solo is kind of long but it sounds good
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