Bon Iver - Lump Sum tab version 2

			    LUMP SUM - Bon Iver
Tabbed by: Dan Glover (dan-the-man278)


Note that this is rough, and my interpretation. Although I think the chord shapes sound 
similar to what he plays on the record, I'm not sure that this tab is quite 100% correct (yet!)

Tuning: DADGBd **CAPO 2** (but guitar on recording is possibly capo 3 slightly detuned, 
chords relative to capo)

Also note, the lyrics aren't meant to be completely in time with the bars, it's just so 
know where you are!

Finally, I've split the bars up as a fast 4 rather than a slow 2, if that makes sense

CHORDS (the top strings are always very quiet, that Bon Iver/Justin Vernon bassy sound...):
Gmaj7: 55400x
Em9 (bit of a stretch!): 25400x
Dadd4: 05400x
Cmaj7: x3200x
Cmaj7*: swap between x3200x and x3400x (this is just a hammer-on/pull-off thing - listen 
for it)
Cmaj9: x32000
C: x3201(0)

INTRO (you know the strumming pattern...)
 Gmaj7  Gmaj7  Gmaj7  Gmaj7 
 Gmaj7  Gmaj7  Gmaj7  Gmaj7 
 Dadd4  Dadd4  Dadd4  Dadd4 
 Cmaj7* Cmaj7* Cmaj7* Cmaj7*
 Cmaj9 (ring..)

 Gmaj7  Gmaj7   Em9    Em9  
"Sold my cold knot..."
 Dadd4  Dadd4  Dadd4  Dadd4 
"A heavy stone..."

"Sold my red horse for a venture home,
To vanish on the bow, settling..."

 Cmaj9  Cmaj9    C      C   
"..slow. Fit it all, fit it in the doldrums..."
  Em9    Em9    Em9    Em9  
"So the story goes..."

"Color the era,
Film it, it's historical, aaah, aah, aah..."

  Em9    Em9   Cmaj7   Cmaj7  
 Cmaj7   Cmaj9 (ring..)

"My mile could not
Pump the plumb.
In my arbour 'till my ardour, trumped,
Every inner inertia, your lump..."

"...sum. All at once, rushing from the sub-pump.
So the story goes.
Balance we won't know
We will see when it gets warm

(I'm really not sure what chords he plays here, but if you work them out give me a 
Otherwise, I'm sure it's perfectly acceptable to just play the bridge as before)

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