Bon Iver – Lump Sum tab ver. 3

			     Lump Sum - Bon Iver
Tabbed by: red_badge

This was tabbed off a live version. The chords sound the same to me on the album
though he likes to mix the composition up a bit. So the way I have it laid out below is 
or starting point for how he plays the various parts (which I have labeled verses and 
for lack of better terms), though this is not the album version verbatim. I did not
out the intro, but it is some mix of these same chords.

Tuning: Tuning (I think) on the album is to tune all the strings down one whole step
the A string (leave as an A). The faster way though is to tune the A string up one whole
up to a B. So the tuning is then E B D G B E (though you cannot play along with the 
then you will be a whole step off on your guitar). I tabbed the song below in the second
but I think the guitar in the album is actually tuned D A C F A D.

He strums strings 3, 4, and 5, or all four of the bottom strings with his thumb
on the chord) in a repeating triplet pattern throughout the song.


e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---4----4----4-------------------------------------------------------------|D|---4----4----4--------(repeat triplet x 3)---------------------------------|B|---0----0----0-------------------------------------------------------------|E|---x----x----x-------------------------------------------------------------| B
(starts singing on second strum of second triplet) Sold my cold...
e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---4----4----4-------------------------------------------------------------|D|---4----4----4--------(repeat x 3)-----------------------------------------|B|---0----0----0-------------------------------------------------------------|E|---4----4----4-------------------------------------------------------------| G#m7
...knot...a heavy ("knot" sung on first triplet, "a heavy" sung on last triplet)
e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---4----4----4--------------------------3-----3-----3----------------------|D|---4----4----4--------(repeat x 3)------4-----4-----4----(repeat x 3)------|B|---0----0----0--------------------------0-----0-----0----------------------|E|---2----2----2--------------------------2-----2-----2----------------------| F#sus F#
stone... He repeats this progression for the remainder of the first verse. Chorus
e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---8----8----8--------------------------9-----9-----9----------------------|D|---9----9----9--------(repeat x 3)------9-----9-----9-----(repeat x 3)-----|B|---0----0----0--------------------------0-----0-----0----------------------|E|---0----0----0--------------------------0-----0-----0----------------------| EM7 E
...slow. Fit it all... Fit it in the doldrums...
e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---8----8----8-------------------------------------------------------------|D|---6----6----6--------(repeat x 7)-----------------------------------------|B|---4----4----4-------------------------------------------------------------|E|---4----4----4-------------------------------------------------------------| G#m
Or so the story goes... Then repeat this part again (beginning at the EM7) for the next half of the chorus. he only plays the G#m 4 times, and finishes with an F#7 (held for 2 measures) followed E below)
e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|----2------------------------2--2--2---------------------------------------|B|----2---(pause 2 measures)---0--0--0-(repeat x 3, hold, pause 2 measures)--|E|----2------------------------0--0--0---------------------------------------| F#7 E
Then the second verse (my mile...) The second verse and chorus are identical to the first. He plays around with the accents suspends chords differently at different times, but I think this is a pretty good point. Lyrics: Verse 1 Sold my cold knot A heavy stone Sold my red horse for a venture home To vanish on the bow Settling slow Chorus 1 Fit it all, fit it in the doldrums Or so the story goes Color the era Film it its historical Verse 2 My mile could not Pump the plumb In my arbor 'til my ardor trumped every inner inertia lump sum Chorus 2 All at once Rushing from the sump-pump Or so the story goes Balance we won't know We will see when it gets warm Feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
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