Bon Iver - Creature Fear chords

Capo 2

C C/G C C/GI was full by your count
Am Am7 Am Am7I was lost but your fool
GWas a long visit wrong?
C/G FSay you are the only
G Am F So many foreign worlds (So relatively fucked)
G AmSo ready for us
E AmSo ready for us,
FThe creature fear
C C/G C C/GI was teased by your blouse
Am Am7 Am Am7Spit out by your mouth
GI was loud by your lowered
C/G FSeminary sold
C C/G C C/GTear on tail on
Am Am7 Am Am7Take all the wind on
GThe soft bloody nose
C/G FSign another floor
G Am FThe so many territories (Ready to reform)
G AmDon’t let it form us
E AmDon’t let it form us
FThe creature fear
G Am FSo did he foil his own? (Is he ready to reform?)
G AmSo many torahs
G AmSo many for us
FThe creature fear
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