Bon Iver - Creature Fear tab

Bon Iver
from "For Emma, Forever Ago"

Tab by Devin Miller

Tuning: Standard EADGBe




C Am7 G Am F D7 E7 E7e|-0----0---------0----0--------------0----|B|-1----1----0----1----1----1----3----0----|G|-0----0----0----2----2----2----4----1----|D|-2----2----0----2----3----0----2----0----|A|-3----0----x----0----3----x----x----2----|E|-----------3--------------2----4----0----|
Note: the 2 forms of E7 can be used subjectively. ******************************************************************** **INTRO/RIFF USED THROUGHOUT SONG**
C Am7 G Fe|-0------0------------------------------------------------------------|B|-1------1--------------------0-------1-0-----------------------------|G|-0------0--------------------------------2-0-----0-------------------|D|-2------2------------0---2-3-----------------2-----2-0---------------|A|-3------0----------------------------------------------3-------------|E|---------------3------------------------------------------1--1-1-1-2-|
**VERSE 1** C I was full by your count Am I was lost but your fool G Was a long visit wrong? (insert riff) F Say you are the only. **CHORUS 1** G Am F So many foreign worlds, (so relatively fucked) D7 G E7 Am F So ready for us, so ready for us, the creature fear **VERSE 2** C I was teased by your blouse Am Spit out by your mouth G I was loud by your lowered (instert riff) F Seminary sold C Tear on, tail on Am Take all on the wind on G Soft bloody nose (instert riff) F Sign another floor... **CHORUS 2** G Am F So many territories (ready to reform) D7 G E7 Am F Don't let it form us, don't let it form us, the creature fear G Am F So did he foil 'is own? (Is he ready to reform?) D7 G E7 Am F So many torahs, so many for us, the creature fear. ============================================================================
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