Bon Iver – Roslyn chords

When there is a "/" it means just strum that chord once/quickly go to the next chord.
The Strumming pattern is pretty easy to follow along with.

Capo 1 

Intro: Mute - then Am C Am C Dm C Dm Am7/C/Em/Am

Am C Am Up with your turret
Am C Dm C Dm Am7/C/Em/AmAren't we just terrified?
Am C Am C Dm C Dm Am7/C/Em/C Shale, screen your worry from what you won't ever find
C Fmaj7Don't let it fool you
C Fmaj7 Asus2 AmDon't let it fool you...down
Am C G EDown's sitting round, folds in the gown
Am C Am Sea and the rock below
Am C Dm C Dm Am7/C/Em/AmCocked to the undertow
Am C Am C Dm C Dm Am7/C/Em/CBones blood and teeth erode, with every crashing node
C Fmaj7Wings wouldn't help you
C Fmaj7 Asus2 AmWings wouldn't help you...down
Am C G (unknown picking pattern)Down fills the ground, gravity's proud
Am C AmYou barely are blinking
Am C Dm Am7/C/Em/C DmWagging your face around
Am C Am C Dm C Dm When'd this just become a mortal home? Now
DmWon't, won't, won't, won't
Won't let you talk me Won't let you talk me…down Will pull it taut, nothing let out And that's all I got for now.
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