Bon Iver – Blood Bank chords ver. 2

Hey so there's a few tabs for this but to me they didn't sound 
quite right so I sat down and watched the videos a load of times 
and this is what I came up with. Also just as a point this sounds a whole lot 
better with a bass being played as well.

Capo on the 8th fret.
All chords relative to the capo.

Am -002210-Am2 -302010-
Fmaj7 -003210- C -332010- So the chord names are probably a bit off but the chords are good. Also if you want it to sound just like Vernon does you do a pull off on the D string when you play Am2 after a C. Intro: Am Am2 Fmaj7 x4 And that's it! Feel free to rate and comment =]
Am Am2Well I met you at the blood bank
Fmaj7We were looking at the bags
Am Am2Wondering if any of the colors
Fmaj7Matched any of the names we knew on the tags
CYou said see look it that's yours
Am2 Stacked on top with your brothers
AmSee how they resemble one anothers?
Fmaj7Even in their plastic little covers
Fmaj7 Am Am2And I said I know it well
CThat secret that you know
Am2 That you don't know how to tell
C It fucks with your honor
Am2 And it teases your head
AmBut you know that its good girl
Fmaj7Cause its running you with red.
Am Am2Then the snow started falling
Fmaj7We were stuck out in your car
Am Am2You were rubbing both my hands
Fmaj7Chewing on a candy bar
CYou said ain't this just like the present
Am2 To be showing up like this
Am There's a moon waning crescent
Fmaj7we started to kiss
Fmaj7 Am Am2And I said I know it well
CThat secret that we know
Am2 That we don't know how to tell
CI'm in love with your honor
Am2 I'm in love with your cheeks
AmWhat's that noise up the stairs babe?
Fmj7 Is that Christmas morning?
Fmaj7 Am Am2And I know it well (x7)
Outro: Fmaj7, Am Am2 Fmaj7 x2
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