Bon Iver – Calgary chords ver. 2

My take on this wonderful song, un-capo'd and I think more accurate than the previous version.

B* B**e-----------------0----------------------------------------------|B-----------------4----------------------------------------------|G------------4----6----------------------------------------------|D------------1----4----------------------------------------------|A------------2---------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------|
&& - Throw in a F#sus4 or even a 244302 (F#add4; use your thumb) Intro: Abm F# B
E Bdon't you cherish me to sleep
E Bnever keep your eyelids clipped
Abm F#hold me for the pops and clicks
E BI was only for the father's crib
E B*
Abm F# Bhair, old, long along
E Byour neck onto your shoulder blades
E Balways keep that message taped
Abm F#cross your breasts you won't erase
E BI was only for your very space
Abm F# Bhip, under nothing
E Bpropped up by your other one, face 'way from the sun
E Bjust have to keep a dialogue
Abm F#teach our bodies: haunt the cause
E BI was only trying to spell a loss
Abm F# Bjoy, it's all founded
E Bpincher with the skin inside
E Byou pinned me with your black sphere eyes
Abm F#you know that all the rope's untied
E B B**I was only for to die beside
C# Abm
F#so it's storming on the lake
&& little waves our bodies break C# Abm
F#there's a fire going out,
&& but there's really nothing to the south C# Abm
F#swollen orange and light let through
&& your one piece swimmer stuck to you B**
Bsold, I'm Ever
E Bopen ears and open eyes
E Bwake up to your starboard bride
Abm F#who goes in and then stays inside
E Boh the demons come, they can subside
B** Notes: Where the B** is played, the interesting thing here is that there are two guitars doing different things, the right one plays a Bsus4 and the left plays a normal B, which gives that weird sound. So combining the two we get Badd4. I think final B** is just what the right guitar plays during the previous B**s. I tried to get the end one close to what I think it is, I know I'm at least missing the high b, but I don't know how you'd play the chord with that note on a single guitar. Also, I think the lyrics given on the website are a bit tricky, in that he's written "swollen orange", but clearly in the song it is "swollen ocean" (makes more sense now, doesn't it?)
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