Bon Jovi Jon - Every Word Was A tab

e: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 00:04:54 -0800 (PST)
From: Antti Iiskola 
Subject: Jon Bon Jovi - Every Word Was A Piece Of my Heart

Every Word Was A Piece Of My Heart 
from the album "Destination Anywhere" (1997)
by Jon Bon Jovi 
Transcribed by Antti Iiskola

This is the most Bon Jovi-sounding song on the record, wouldn't you agree.
The basic rhythm figure continues through all the verses, bass implies 
different harmonies to the two chords Dadd9 and Asus4/E. In the second verse
the letters behind slashes (i.e. Dadd9/F#) are the bass notes, guitar plays
just Rhy.fig.1. The lyrics are a bit faulty, I'll fix them later. I hope you
get the idea. Enjoy, and e-mail me for any corrections or comments. 


e |---0-----0-------|---0-----0--------|B |-----3-----3---3-|-----3-----3---3--|G |-------2-----2---|-------2-----2----|D |-0---------------|-2----------------|A |-----------------|------------------|E |-----------------|------------------|
[Rhy.fig.1] I've been staring at the page [Dadd9 Asus4] For what seems like days [Dadd9 Asus4] I guess I've put this one off [Dadd9 Asus4] For a while [Dadd9 Dadd9 (play the first bar twice)] [Rhy.fig.1] Did I see a tear fall from your eyes? [Dadd9 Asus4/E] Did you laugh so hard that you cried? [Dadd9/F# Asus4/G] When I serve my secrets on a silver tray(?)[Dadd9 Asus4/E Dadd9 Dadd9] [Em] [G] Hey now, I guess the night's just bringing me down [D] [G] There's no love, there's no hate [D] [G] I left the -- for you to take You know that [D] [A] [D] Every word was a piece of my heart [Rhy.fig.1] - (?) You're the only one who knows my middle name And the smiles they came easy, 'cause of you You know that I love you, but I hate you 'Cause I know I could never escape you So let the choir sing, for the night I'm an easy mark (?) Hey now, am I acting just a little too proud CHORUS Have I said too much Baby, I haven't said enough To know that Every word was a piece of my heart [A] [G] [D] Hush me darlin' maybe I lost my touch [A] Maybe I lost my guts [G] Babe, is that true enough Hey now, hey now [Rhy.fig.1] You know there's no --- Just don't lie ---- when you kiss me Even though I'm a long way (?), you know I'll be back soon Hey now, hey now Hey now, am I talkin' just a little too loud CHORUS 2 Hey now, am I talkin' just a little too proud Hey now, the night's just bringin' me down --====================987654321_0==_ Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" --====================987654321_0==_--
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