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Keep the faithIntro G | F | G | G | Bb | C | G|------||-8-6-||-7-5-||-5-3-||-5-3-||------|Verse 1G Bb C Bb GMother mother tell your children that their time has just be-gunG Bb C Eb F GI have suffered for my anger, there are wars that can't be won
Verse 2 Father father please believe me I am laying down my guns I am broken like an arrow forgive me forgive your wayward son Pre-Chorus (same as verse) (Everybody needs somebody to love) mother mother (Everybody needs somebody to hate) please believe me Everybody's bitching 'cause they can't get enough and it's hard to hold on when there's one to lean on Chorus G Bb F C G FAITH! You know you're gonna live through the rain LORD! you got to keep the faith G Bb F C G FAITH! Don't let your love turn to hate right now we got to keep the faith G Keep the faith, keep the faith Lord we got to keep the faith G | Bb | C | G Verse 4 Tell me baby when I hurt you do you keep it all inside Do you tell me all's forgiven and just hide behind your pride Pre-Chorus (same as verse) (Everybody needs somebody to love) mother mother (Everybody needs somebody to hate) please believe me Everybody's bleeding 'cause the times are tough and it's hard to be strong when there's one to dream on Chorus Solo G | Bb | C | G (3x), G | Bb | C | Eb - F | G Verse 6 Walking in the footsteps of society's lies I don't like what I see no more, sometimes I that I was blind Sometimes I wait forever to stand out in the rain so no one sees me cryin' trying to away the pain Verse 7 Mother father there's things I've done I can't erase every night we fall from grace It's hard with the world in your face, trying to hold on, trying to hold on. Chorus FAITH! You know you're gonna live thru the rain Lord you got to keep the faith FAITH! Don't let your love turn to hate right now we got to keep the faith Keep the faith, Keep the faith try to hold on, trying to hold on Faith! Keep the faith, Keep the faith try to hold on, trying to hold on ... Keep The Faith Solo Bon Jovi
(tremolo picking)e|-s15-15-15-15-13-15b-15-15-15-13-15b-15-15-15-13-15b-15-15-15-13-15b-15-----|b|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------|g|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------|d|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------|a|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------|e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
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