Bon Jovi - Wanted tab


From Wed Apr 16 10:49:07 1997
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 12:40:45 EDT
From: Max Entropy 
Subject: Tabs: Wanted by Bon Jovi

by Bon Jovi
brought to you by Tony Donato and Sal Ferrarello

NOTE:  This is the correct tabbed out guitar part.

e |------13---------12---------10--------8---|-----5-------3^?-|B |------------------------------------------|----------------|G |---14----14---12----12---10----10---9---9-|---5---5---4----|D |-0----------0----------0----------0-------|-0-------0------|A |------------------------------------------|----------------|E |------------------------------------------|----------------|
e |-7--7/5^?5------------------|-----------------|B |---------------------------|-----------------|G |-7^?-7/5^?5------------------|-----------------|D |---------------------3b----|----------3b-----|A |------------0-0-3-5-----5--|-0-0-3-5------5--|E |---------------------------|-----------------|
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