Bon Jovi - Loves The Only Rule tab

Bon Jovi / The Circle

9. Loves the Only Rule
(standard tuning )

Intro: B  E  B  E

  B                        E
I don't give a damn how it's supposed to be

  G#m                      F#
Light my world for you, it don't work for me

  E                        B
You write your truth and I write mine

  E                   F#    
One man's ceiling's another man's sky high

  B                 E
Flying like an aeroplane

  B                              E
Cry like a lonely whistle of a long black train

Dance in the pouring rain

Spit in the eye of a hurricane

  E                            F#
Who said life's got to be so cruel

                      B      E
Love's the only rule

(Same progression until...)

B  E  B  E

E F# Might be a wrecking ball G#m Or just a wake up call A Tonight I let the pieces fall [Woohoo's x3] B E B E B E B E G#m F# B ...Im gonna fly like an aeroplane E Cry like the whistle of a long black train B Dance in the pouring rain E I'm alive like a lonely note from John Coltrane G#m Run, like it's a getaway F# Say those things you shouldn't say B When love E Love's the only rule B If love E Love's the only rule B Our love E Love's the only rule B Oh love E Is the only rule [Woohoo's x3]
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