Bon Jovi – Silent Night tab ver. 2

verse 1:

after the(A) smoke clears and its(D) down to you and i 

when the(A) sun appears there will be(D) nothing left but goodbye

we'll just turn and(A) walk away how could we(D) let it end like this

just turn and(A) walk away should we(D) seal it with a kiss 


(Bm)its to late now you're(A) out and on the run 

(Bm)it's to late held up in(E) love without a gun


silent(A) night we hold up our(D) candle light 

silent(A) night the night(D) our love died no words to (A)say

now we're(G) both to tired to fight just hold me(Bm) close, dont let(E) go

verse 2:

repeat chours

repeat verse 1 up until "goodbye"

repeat chorus
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