Bon Jovi - Learn To Love chords

This is not my own tab. Saw it wasn't here yet so I posted it here.

(intro) C  G  Am  Em ( F  G  C  G )

C C/BI have run from the truth
Am GSince the days of my misspend youth
F CI was hungry for kindness
GI was lost in life's blindness
C C/BWhen you're born without wings
Am GAll you dream of, all you want
FIs that feeling of flying
GOf rising and climbing
Am F C GHalle, halle, we're one breath away
Am F Ghalle, halle, from our judgement day
Am FLeave it all on the table
C GIf you lose all you win
G F CYou've got to learn to love the world you're living in
C C/BAlways thought I'd die young
Am GIn these hands I've held the gun
F CBut it's too late for dying
GNow there's nothing worth hiding
C C/BI've lost love, lived with shame
Am GI was humbled by my fall from grace
F COn the steps of decision
GIt's revenge or forgiveness
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