Bon Jovi – 99 In The Shade chords

Left handed
99 in the shade
Bon Jovi
New Jersey (1988)

INTRO:   A#   C    A#    C


C            A#I feel I'm burning up with fever But the fire's feeling really good tonight
               C         And it's alright  I'm gonna see Sahara Jack and Suntan Sally
       A#Somebody tells me even Tommy's coming down tonight
       CIf Gina says it's alright 
                A#                                   FI'm gonna see those Senoritas  Lying under the sun
                 C                                 AThey're greasing it up With know I want to be their blanket
           F                          G                             (G-G#-A-A#)Gonna tell every girl Hey, baby... You're the one...
A#            F                       COh tell the boys I'm on my way
               A#                        F                      CI got the radio blasting in my old man's Chevrolet
               A#                                    F                     CI got a party in my pocket cause you know I just got paid
              A#                  F             CAnd I'm feeling fine, it's 99 in the shade
      A#                   F             CI'm feeling fine, it's 99 in the shade
VERSE: When the sun goes down that's when the street heats up Senorita Margarita fills your empty cup tonight – She make you feel alright A good time here don't cost much money Just a little sweet talking and a pretty native honey And you're set for life Or one hell of a night PRECHORUS: I'm gonna see those sons of beaches Out there living it up the surf And the sand, Man that life ain't so tough So get me in the action so I can tell Every girl she's the one CHORUS SOLO CHORUS END
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