Bon Jovi – Livin On A Prayer chords

Livin On A Prayer
By: Bon Jovi
Road Map: V1, PC, C, V2, PC, C, B, C, E

Verse 1 ( V1 ):
EmTommy used to work on the docks,
Union’s been on strike,
C D EmHe’s down on his luck, its tough, so tough,
EmGina works the diner all day,
C D EmWorking for her man, she bring home her pay for love, for love,
PreChorus ( PC ):
Em C D EmShe says we’ve got to hold on, to what we’ve got,
C D Em‘Cause it doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not,
C D Em C DWe’ve got each other and that’s a lot for love, we’ll give it a shot,
Chorus ( C ):
Em D G C D EmOhhh, we’re half way there, oh oh, livin’ on a prayer,
Em C D EmTake my hand, we’ll make it I swear,
G C D EmOh oh, Livin on a prayer,
Verse 2 ( V2 )
EmTommys got his six string in hock,
C D EmNow he’s holding in, what he used to make, so tough, it’s tough,
EmGina dreams of running away,
When she cries in the night,
C D EmTommy whispers, “Baby its okay, some day”,
Bridge ( B ):
Em C D EmOh we’ve got to hold on, ready or not,
Em C DWe’ll live for the fight when it’s all that we’ve got,
End ( E ):
C D EmLivin’ on a prayer,
This is my first submission and I hope you all enjoy it!
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