Bon Jovi – Blame It On The Love Of Rock And Roll tab

Riff 1 E Esus4 Ee|-------------------------------------------------|B|------------9---9-9----9h-10--9-----9--9---------|G|------------9---9-9----9--9---9-----9--9---------|D|------------9---9-9----9h-11--9-----9--9---------|A|-------------------------------------------------|E|-(0)-3^3-0----0------0-----------0---------------|
Riff 2 A Asus4 Ae|--------------------------------------------------|B|----2----2-2----2h-3--2----2-2----2-2-2-----------|G|----2----2-2----2--2--2----2-2----2-2-2-----------|D|----2----2-2----2h-4--2----2-2----2-2-2-----------|A|-0-----0------0----------0------0-------0--3^3-0--|E|--------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1: -------- Riff 1 Riff 2 (They took me to a doctor...) Riff 1 (For a small donation...) Bridge: ------- A B C Eb D C Chorus: ------- F Bb Eb Bb F Verse 2: -------- Riff 1 Chorus 2: --------- F Bb Eb Bb F F Bb Eb Bb F Solo: ----- Eb Bb F C-part: ------- Eb Bb F C Eb Bb C Last Chorus: ------------- (C C#) F# B E B F# Blame It On The Love Of Rock & Roll ----------------------------------- (Jon Bon Jovi / Richie Sambora) First time I heard the music I tought it was my own I could feel it in my heartbeat I could feel it in my bones My momma thinks I'm crazy My dad says I'm insane I got this boogie woogie fever Burning in my veins They took me to a doctor But it's too late for me They dragged me to a preacher They saw on their TV Who said that "For a small donation Your lost soul will be saved" I said "I don't think so preacher I'll come back another day" All that I want is to be a rolling stone They don't understand what we all know It feels so good it oughta be illegal I got my vaccination from a phonograph needle I'll never grow up and I'll never grow old Blame it on the love of rock & roll (So the story goes, listen up!) My teachers didn't like me, they tried to put me down 'Cause I wore my hair too long, played my music way too loud Every little boy wants to learn to play guitar So he can pick up all the chicks and be a rock and roll star They said it won't last, but they misunderstood If people think I'm bad, I'll be bad for good CHORUS Blame it on the love Blame it on the love Daddy just don't understand what the little girls know Blame it on the love of rock & roll All I wanted All I ever needed Myy guitar gave to me Every song I've sung (Blame it on the love) Every war I've won (Blame it on the love) Every thing I've done (Blame it on the love) Blame it on the love of rock & roll CHORUS David: Venezuela
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