Bon Jovi – Memphis Lives In Me tab

performed by David Bryan - keyboard player

(Intro)I think this is the way that piano sounds like.Eu acho que o piano é tocado dessa forma. A Bm7 C#m7 D A D Ee|----------|---------|------|-2-0--|-------|---|---|B|-2---2-0-2|-3--3-2-3|-5--5-|-3-3-3|-2--2--|-3-|-0-|G|-2---2-2-2|-2--2-2-2|-4--4-|-----2|-2--2--|-2-|-1-|D|-2-2------|-4-4-----|-6-6-6|-0----|-2-2--2|-0-|-2-|A|-0--------|-2-------|-4----|------|-0-----|---|---|E|----------|---------|------|------|-------|---|-0-|
A Dsus2 Ae|------|----|--------|B|-2---2|-3--|-2---2--|G|-2--2-|-2--|-2--2-2-|D|-2-2--|-0--|-2-2---2|A|-0----|----|-0------|E|------|----|--------|
A Bm7 C#m7 D A D Ee|----------|---------|------|-2-0--|-------|---|---|B|-2---2-0-2|-3--3-2-3|-5--5-|-3-3-3|-2--2--|-3-|-0-|G|-2---2-2-2|-2--2-2-2|-4--4-|-2---2|-2--2--|-2-|-1-|D|-2-2------|-4-4-----|-6-6-6|-0----|-2-2--2|-0-|-2-|A|-0--------|-2-------|-4----|------|-0-----|---|---|E|----------|---------|------|------|-------|---|-0-|
A Bm7 C#m7 D e|-------|------|------|-3-|B|-2--0-2|-3-2-3|-5--5-|-2-|G|-2--2-2|-2-2-2|-4-7--|-3-|D|-2-----|-4----|-6----|-0-|A|-0-----|-2----|-4----|---|E|-------|------|------|---|
(Intro - just the chords - apenas os acordes) A Bm7 C#m7 D A D E A Dsus2 A A Bm7 C#m7 D A D E A Bm7 C#m7 (VERSE) D A (A/G#) There's a town that I call home F#m D A Where all the streets are paved with soul D Down on Beale there's a honky-tonk bar E So hear the wail of a blues guitar F#m G Have a beer and drop a dime in the blind man's jar A Bm7 C#m7 D The blues sing softly in the air like a Sunday morning prayer A/C# Bm7 E A Dsus2 A Just one more drink and you'll see God everywhere A Bm7 C#m7 D Like a sad old melody that cheers you up, it sets you free A/C# Bm7 E A Bm7 C#m7 D E That's how Memphis lives in me ((CHORUS)) F#m There comes a time when muddy waters run rough E/G# There comes a point when a man has had enough A D D/C# Like a friend that always stands by me Bm Memphis knows me A/C# Never showed me D E How did life just had to be ((VERSE)) A Bm7 C#m7 D I couldn't even try to run away, say goodbye A/C# Bm7 E A Dsus2 A Here I was born and here is where I'll die A Bm7 I'm just a man from Tennessee C#m7 D I can't be what I can't be A/C# Bm7 E A Dsus2 A All I know is Memphis lives in me A Bm7 I said I'm just a man from Tennessee C#m7 D Can't be what I can't be A/C# Bm7 E All I know is Memphis lives A/C# Bm7 E All I know is Memphis gives A/C# Bm7 E A All I know is Memphis lives in me --------------------------------- Transcripted by Felipe Fontoura Melachawças ICQ 60257367 msn
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