Bon Jovi - I Could Make A Livin Out Of Loving You tab

Song: I Could Make A Livin' Out Of Loving You
Tab by: Bon Jovi
Album: Crush
Tabbed by Patrick


Guitar 1 00:48e------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------|G------------------------------------------| x2D-----------4-4/4-6----4-4--6-6------------|A--4-4/6-6--2-2/4-6----2-2--4-4--4-4/6-6---|E--2-2/4-4-----------------------2-2/4-4---|
Guitar 2 00:58e------------------------------------|B--------12--------------------------|G--11-13----13---11-13---8(9)----/13-|D-----------------------------11-----|A------------------------------------|E------------------------------------|
I'm sorry I don't know to play all the song but, so I just play this intro.
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