Bon Jovi - We Got It Going On tab

This is the best and closest you can get to the actual tab. I'm still working on the 
Any questions, just post them as a comment, and I'll work with you on it.******Make sure to 
your Low E to C otherwise it doesn't sound right.

(CLEAN AND OVER-DRIVE) *Main Riff*E--------------------------------------/B--------------------------------------/G--------------------------------------/D--------------------------------------/A--3--------------------3--------------/E-0-0--5b-(5)-3-0--(0)-0-0-5b-(5)-3-0--/ repeat this
for most of the verses-lead from the above tabE---------------------------/B---------------------------/G---------------------------/D----5----------5-----------/A----3----------3-----------/E-0-0--5-3-3-0-0--5-3-3-0-0-/
2nd verseE-----------------------------------|B-----------------------------------|G-----------------------------------|D-----------------------------------|A-6-----(6)-6--6---8-----(8)-8--8---|E-3-----(3)-3--3---5-----(5)-5--5---|
This is a really cool effect I'll have to describe it to you b/c it takes a bit of practice You lightly (VERY lightly)brush you index finger over the metal parts of the frets.If do fret 5, brush your finger above the metal intersecting 5 & 6. You also have to pick hard. If you are doing it right, the string shouldn't be bent should sound like you're blowing into a glass bottle. It is best to play along the bridge of the strings.Use on following tab
A---------------------------------/E-5[6-----4[5-----3[4-----2[3-----/ it goes in reverse,too(2[3----3[4-etc.)
^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ChorusE---------------------------------------------------/B---------------------------------------------------/G-5-x-x-3-5-x-x--3-5-x-8-(8)-8-8-8-----8-----8---8--/D-5-x-x-3-5-x-x--3-5-x-8-(8)-8-8-8-----8-----8---8--/A-3-x-x-1-3-x-x--1-3-x-6-(6)-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6--/E---x-x-----x-x-------------------------------------/
For "ah-ah-ah ah-ha-huh"E------------------------------------/B------------------------------------/G------------------------------------/D-5-5--5-8-8--8-10-10--10-13-13--13--/A-3-3--3-6-6--6-8--8---8--11-11--11--/E------------------------------------/
Hope you enjoy it. It's been my pleasure.
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