Bonnie Mckee - To Find You tab

*** This is my first tab so please forgive me if its wrong, but accordding to my 
who plays the guitar rather well, it sounds right. Its very simple and repetitive but with 
strumming patterns you can make this song a wee bit more interesting. Enjoy! ***

Bonnie Mckee
"To Find You"

Am     C                 G
Lately life feels like a dream

Am          C                G
Watching it through a smokey screen

Am      C             G
Finding ways to slip away

  Am        C             G
Until I can be with you someday

Am C       G
In the darkness

Am  C         G
You called my name

Am  C   G
But only

An echo came

Am C       G
I can hear you

    Am        C    G
I'm following your voice

     Am      C
I've travelled

Through the night

     Am    C
I'll follow

The fireflies

    Am         C
The wolves may call

My head may fall

     Am    C             G
Your voice will guide me through it all

I'll smile

Through the pain

I'll search  til I

Am        C       G
Forget my name to find you

       Am      C       G
With a song to keep me warm

         Am       C        G
And your voice to guide me home.

Second verse - same as the first.


      F        C              Am
I can feel the beating of your heart

Stay right where you are

I'm coming back to you

         F       C              Am
And your face is constant in my mind

Beneath the starry night

Wait for me baby

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