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Who But A Fool (Let^?s A Thief Into Paradise)
O^?Byrne / Snow

as recorded by Bonnie Raitt on the album Nine Lives 1986

C/G  G  C/G  G
measure of 8ths | v - v - v - v - |
                        d f g a c
         |D-             |
I got a boy who loves me
In his life
He puts no one else above me
    |C        D
It^?s paradise
    |G-            Bb        |
With ev^?rything I ever wanted
C        D
    |Bb        F           C    /
It^?s just like love should be

Now you^?re a thief
Now ev^?rybody I know knows it
You^?re indiscreet
       |Bb                  |
Anybody on the street knows
C              D
That you cheat
   |G-                 Bb          |
The damage that you^?re doin doesn^?t
C                D  |
Cross your mind
Bb         G-         Bb     A7     |
Steal your heart just like a thief

G- /      /^G- A-       |G-                   |
Who but a fool lets a thief into paradiseD- / / C/D | D- / / / |
Tell me tell me tell me whoG- / /^G- A- |G- |
Who but a fool lets a thief into paradiseA- A7 |
Tell me Tell meD- |D- |Who but a fool lets a thief into paradiseWho but a fool lets a thief into paradiseWho but a fool lets a thief into paradise
You got me Thinkin I want what you^?re givin You got me Wonderin what I^?m missin I can^?t see It^?s the same old fascination What a deadly game That send ^?em all right to your flame Chorus | = bar line; / = play same as previous chord Within bar lines chords divide measure accordingly /^/ = split the beat (ex.: /^G7 ) transcribed by OtMan (Otto Marten / marten@sky)
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