Bonnie Raitt - I Cant Make You Love Me chords version 1

First gentle.  :)

Chords used:
C 332010
Cadd9 330010
Em7 020000
G 320003
Em 022000
Am7 002010
G/B 020033
D/F# 200232

Capo 3

Intro- each line is 4 beats

C Cadd9 Em7
Em7 C
Em Am7
C Cadd9 Em7
Em7 C

Verse 1:

C Cadd9 Em7Turn down the lights
CTurn down the bed
G/BTurn down these voices
Em Am7Inside my head
C Cadd9 Em7Lay down with me
CTell me no lies
GJust hold me close
Em Am7Don't patronize
DDon't patronize me.
G/B C G'Cause I can't make you love me
CIf you don't
GYou can't make your heart feel
G/B CSomething it won't
Em CHere in the dark
D/F# EmIn these final hours
CI will lay down my heart
D/F# EmAnd I'll feel the power
Am7But you won't
DNo, you won't
C G Em7'Cause I can't make you love me
C Cadd9 Em7If you don't.
Em7 C C G Am7 Verse 2:
C Cadd9 Em7I'll close my eyes
CAnd then I won't see
G/BThe love you don't feel
Em Am7When you're holding me
C Cadd9 Em7Morning will come
CAnd I'll do what's right
GJust give me 'til then
Em Am7To give up this fight
DAnd I will give up this fight.
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