Boppin B - Young And Free chords

Cm - Ab - Cm - Ab

Verse 1:
CmYeah, we travel and we travel and we travel,
Abwe travel our whole lifes long,
Cmover 25 years together,
Bbplaying our song.
CmSince we've heard that rockin' and music,
Abof the 50s long ago,
Ebwe all doubt that kind of fever,
Bbthat is called Rock'N'Roll.
FmWe were young boys went to school,
Dbstarted touring round like fools,
Abhold on tight to our dreams,
Bbso listen what I say:
Eb BbWe were young and we were free
Ab Ebat our own philosophy
Eb Bbdidn't care what people say,
Bbwe just went along our way.
Eb BbAnd if it's right or if it's wrong
Ab Ebwe will always carry on
Eb BbAnd even if we fall
Bbwe won't stop playing our
Verse 2:
CmNow we do this rockin' and wheelin',
Abfor more than 20 years,
Cmwe don't make much of money,
Bbbut we never shed no tears.
CmWe met a lot of people,
Abeven more will cross our way.
EbWe will have good times together
Bbthat's somethin' you can't pay.
FmAnd together win the round,
Dbsomething changed, but this is life,
AbBut we hold on to our dreams,
Bblooking back we realize:
2x Chorus
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