Boris - Flower Sun Rain chords

I tabbed this from the Japanese version of Smile. I took the lyrics from this Youtube 
video: (For reference, Hana is Flower, 
Taiyou is Sun, Ame is Rain: 花 太陽 雨 )

If you want to put this on other sites, please credit this to "Cosmicstar."

Start off with a huge E power chord and let it feed back.

Em C BmTime of joy
Em C BmUnamusing man
A GColorless flowers, This World
C Bm AI'm no spring coming
E5 G5 A5 C5 B5 E5Asks the youth of this
Em C BmNot only hatred
Em C BmLove the upside down
A GNo water rain, closed
C Bm AIn the darkness
E5 G5 A5 C5 B5 A5This call to youth
This next part you can play two ways, either power chords or these notes:D5/D#||--10----||A#||---8----||F#||---7----||C#||--------||G#||--------||D#||--------||
D5 E5 G5This is a white light
D5 E5 G5And the warm wind
D5 E5 G5Wrapped in tomorrow
C5 B5 A5For a little love
Solo (Go nuts in Em Pentatonic)
Em C BmA day of sorrow
Em C BmChange the day of joy
A5 G5The presence of the sun, The world
C Bm AAs the flowers of spring 
E5 G5 A5 C5 B5 E5Wake up to this in my youth
Em C Bm Em C BmYour flowers, Your sun
Em C Bm Em C BmYour rain, Your love
Em C BmFlowers sun rain
Em C BmFlowers sun rain
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