Born Ruffians – Pool Party Fun chords

Skeleton Me / Born Ruffians... Pool Party Fun
Tabbed by... spence0nasty

Tuning - Standard
Capo - 5th Fret
All of the following chords are relative to the capo.
For the F6add14 use your thumb to press down the low E string.


D7 G7 F6add14 C Cadd9 Am |--2--|--1--|--0--|--0--|--0--|--0--||--1--|--0--|--1--|--1--|--3--|--1--||--2--|--0--|--2--|--0--|--0--|--2--||--0--|--0--|--0--|--2--|--2--|--2--||--x--|--2--|--x--|--3--|--3--|--0--||--x--|--3--|--1--|--x--|--x--|--x--|
G/B F G E E7 C/G|--x--|--1--|--3--|--0--|--0--|--0--||--0--|--1--|--0--|--0--|--3--|--1--||--0--|--2--|--0--|--1--|--1--|--x--||--0--|--3--|--0--|--2--|--2--|--2--||--2--|--3--|--2--|--2--|--2--|--x--||--x--|--1--|--3--|--0--|--0--|--3--|
... D7 G7 C F6add14
D7 G7 C F6add14there's so many people out there
C Cadd9 Am C/G Fso how did I get stuck here, with you
C G/B C F6add14where's my sword to slay, where are my rules to obey
C Cadd9 Am C/G Fshow me
C G Fher hair was styled with fear, her teeth were like veneer
D7 G7 C F6add14and she really has no reason, no reason at all
C Cadd9 Am C/G Fto be lonely
C G/B FI don't wanna play anymore, thank you
C Gnot here, not now, maybe never again
D7 G7 C F6add14
D7 G7 C F6add14 and it's hard when it hurts and you have to say it doesn't...
you don't have to say it doesn't
C Cadd9 Am C/G Fand it sucks when you find someone but they don't find you
E E7 Am C/G Fyeah it sucks when you find someone but they don't find you
D7 G7 C F6add14why won't this feeling go away
D7 G7 C F6add14hey hey oooooo...
C Cadd9 Am(whistling)
C Cadd9 Am C/G F Am ~ end ~
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