Bosshog - Bee Hive tab

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Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 22:30:46 -0500
From: Kim and Carla Keafer 
Subject: TAB:Bee Hive by BossHog

 "Bee Hive " by Boss Hog
 Transcribed by Josh Keafer
 June, 6 1996

intro (repeat 3x)

verse after intro (not finished )
after that, repeat intro ,then it goes something like this (repeat a few)
after that repeat intro once more, then this funky beat > (repeat 4x)
repeat intro again,and that's it --josh-- I'm not sure what I'm doing but, i read thru the olga and it said that it would be easy to send it to this address to get it posted so whoever gets this, could you please do all the duties in seeing that it gets posted. my e-mail address is so if you could give me a message, much abliged. I have a ton of this stuff, so if you need any more info , write me --josh -- Kim and Carla Keafer and Josh "Mr. Grand Slam", Whitney the punkin-head, and Megan the monkey
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