Boston – To Be A Man tab

Boston - To Be A Man
Album: Third Stage

Am                   C     G
What does it take to be a man?
What does it take to see
Its all heart and soul
A gentle hand?
Am                       C        G
So easy to want and so hard to give
How can you be a man
          F              G
till you see beyond the life you live?
C                               G
Oh, what does it take to be a man?

Am                      C         G
We can be blind, but a man tries to see
It takes tenderness
       F              G
For a man to be what he can be
And what does it mean
            C       G
If you're weak or strong?
A gentle feelin
     F                G
Can make it right or make it wrong
C                     G
What does it take to be a man?

Bm           E               A
The will to give and not receive
Am               D              G
The strength to say what you believe
Gm            C                F
The heart to feel what others feel inside
F/E                   Dm...(?)
To see what they can see

Bm  E  A
               A man is somethin thats real
Am  D  G
                Its not what you are
                Its what you can feel
Gm  C  F
                It cant be too late
F/E                                           Dm...(?)
                To look through the hate and see
G                                            C
                I know thats what a man can be

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