Boston – Innocence tab

living thunder
HD Cline

D7                                                                               C           G
Why do I feel so alone, With nothing or any one to hold?
D7                                                                               C        G
How can it be, why is it me, who made me this way?

D7                                                                              C        G
Somebody take my hand, hold my heart, halt my fears,

Bb                               C                                 D7                   C
Love                           me                      For who                I am....

Chorus) G              D7                          C                               Am
               Some one show me this world that I never knew.
                C              D7                       C                                G       
                I need you to be at my side, we can show the difference,
                D7           C                 D7                   C                  G
                 Between right and wrong, and the meaning of true love.
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